Do you ever feel like a Chaos Coordinator?

Do you ever feel like a Chaos Coordinator??? YES, Girl! Me too!!! Some days are just plan crazy! * But, every day, God is teaching me to lean in to HIM! The more chaotic the MORE I need Him. His intervention! His shoulders! His calming spirit to help me put things into

Who Am I?

    Who am I? What a question, right? Do you ever take time to really ask yourself this question and then actually EVALUATE the answer? So, I know, I know…I have been EXTREMELY quiet for a few months now! When I say I have been going through a lot of ref

‘Tis the Season of your life!!!

‘‘Tis the Season…of Your life! 😘🙏🏻 Posted by Christy Bruce on Monday, October 30, 2017 We all have seasons in our life!  Embrace where you are right now!!  You’re there for a reason! XO, Christy

Don’t underestimate the DIFFERENCE you can Make!

Do you ever stop and wonder if you want you are doing is making a difference in the lives of those around you?  I was reminded recently that our efforts can make a bigger difference than we realize.  I’m sharing what happened with you in hopes that it will help yo

A God-Given Vision

Have you ever had A God-Given Vision?  I seem to be experiencing those a lot lately! When you have a vision that you know was given to you by God, there is always a crossroads where you have to make a choice! Do you decide to listen and do what you have to do to make it

They’ll be Days like this?

Do you ever have days where you just feel a little “upsided”!  Some days just don’t feel like things are flowing.  Our Mojo isn’t present and to say we are flat is an understatement.  BUT that doesn’t mean you give up or through in the towe

Procrastination is the ENEMY holding YOU back!

So, are you guilty of procrastinating?  There are things you KNOW you need to do and are being called to do, but for some reason you can’t get your act together to get Moving? Yes, ME TOO!!  I can totally relate and am terribly guilty!  God has been getting my att

The Power of PRAYER

Do you ever stop and think how powerful a Prayer, YOUR Prayer, can be?  In the midst of Hurricane Harvey and all the devastation, it has been laid on my heart to share that we can ALL make a difference.  None of us are helpless and PRAYER is the answer! Let’s band

Are you running the “Rat Race” or YOUR Race?

Let’s get real!!  How many of you find yourself running the “rat race” and losing focus on running your OWN race? I have been guilty of this COUNTLESS times!  But God has been working OVERTIME on me, over the past 3 months and I wanted to share a littl

The gifts of Unplugging!

I want to always be transparent and real with you, my sweet friend, so here goes! 🙂 My family just returned from a 10 day vacation in the mountains of North Carolina. My husband’s family has a farm that we try to visit every summer that we can. It is TRULY our esc

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