Procrastination is the ENEMY holding YOU back!

Procrastination is the ENEMY holding YOU back!

So, are you guilty of procrastinating?  There are things you KNOW you need to do and are being called to do, but for some reason you can’t get your act together to get Moving?

Yes, ME TOO!!  I can totally relate and am terribly guilty!  God has been getting my attention this week about how my procrastination is the ENEMY!!  I pray this message helps you to start moving where God is calling you to move like it is getting me to this week!

Every Step you take is PROGRESS, and it MATTERS! 🙂



The Power of PRAYER

The Power of PRAYER

Do you ever stop and think how powerful a Prayer, YOUR Prayer, can be?  In the midst of Hurricane Harvey and all the devastation, it has been laid on my heart to share that we can ALL make a difference.  None of us are helpless and PRAYER is the answer!

Let’s band together to make a difference!



The Struggle of being PRESENT, is REAL?

The Struggle of being PRESENT, is REAL?

Are you struggling with being PRESENT in your life?

The struggle is SO real!  I have made COUNTLESS mistakes in this area over the past 4 years. But through the grace of God and my willingness to finally open my eyes, I am doing better because I KNOW better!  I pray my story will encourage you and give you hope if you are struggling with this too!

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Progress Matters, Sweet Friend!
Does the Holy Spirit “HAVE” you?

Does the Holy Spirit “HAVE” you?

cbDoes the Holy Spirit HAVE you?
I just returned home from She Speaks, a Proverbs31 Ministries conference for women who are following God’s call to be speakers, writers, leaders and/or teachers.
As I sat in one of the sessions, the speaker posed this question…and I was PARALYZED!
I have had the Holy Spirit living inside of me since was 7 years old…when I ask Jesus to become my Lord and Savior. But I can honestly tell you that I have NEVER, ONE, TIME asked myself if the Holy Spirit has me?
And, of course, the wheels began to spin in my head! As I have contemplated this question over the past few days, my honest answer was, unfortunately, NO! As least, He doesn’t have ALL of me!
I am a planner! I love to have a list and check things off! I love to be in “control”, which is funny because “NEWS FLASH” I never really am “in control”! So when I got real with myself about this question, I had to answer No because I haven’t totally and completely given away “MY PLANS”! I haven’t allowed the Holy Spirit to absolutely lead me without me getting in the way or trying to change the plans!
This morning, I spent some amazing time in prayer confessing this to Jesus. I don’t want my life to be driven by “my plans” ONLY by HIS PLANS and HIS CALLING on my life! I want my feet go to where He directs them. I want to be in His Shadow, following His lead; NOT in the front trying to drag Him to where “I” want to go!!
Y’all, talk about a life altering revelation! God rocked my world on many levels and in many ways over the past few days! Realizing that I have some work to do to make sure the Holy Spirit has ALL of me, was definitely on the top of the list!
Sweet Friend, I just had to share this with you! If you have accepted Christ as your Savior, you HAVE the Holy Spirit living inside of you. I challenge you today to ask yourself the same question I was asked….”Does the Holy Spirit have YOU?”

My Why!

One of the things I do as a Beachbody Coach is train new coaches.  This is one of my FAVORITE things!  As we begin our journey together one of the first things we talk about is connecting with your “WHY”!  Why do you want to be a coach?  And not just the first answer the comes to your mind.  We dig deep and really learn what each coaches motivation is as well as what is driving them to want to build a successful business!

I shared my why with the latest “trainees” and I felt led to post it here as well!  I have been coaching for over 3 years and my reasons for coaching have gotten stronger, deeper and more meaningful with each passing year.

Below is why this was a choice I was meant to make!


Why did I become a Beachbody Coach? from Christy Bruce on Vimeo.

Sometimes Moms Need a Break

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Hey, Fit Friends!

I wanted to take a minute of your time to talk about moms and when it’s ok to take a break. I think sometimes, as mothers, we feel like we have to be “on” all the time, 24-7. I have to say, I completely disagree. I think moms need to take time to do things for themselves. I think moms need to take time to escape for a little while, to refuel, refocus and fill their souls up with things that really matter to them.

This last week I’ve been on a trip to Montana. It’s one of my absolute dream trips. I got to do it for the first time last year and it’s become an annual thing. It’s truly my happy place. It’s a place for me to go and completely unplug, unwind and just be me. Every once in awhile, it’s nice to not be a mom or a wife, but just be myself for a week. I get to enjoy the things that I love- horses, mountains, nature. It fills me back up again.

As all moms know, it’s never easy to leave for a trip. There’s a lot to think about before you get on that plane. There are a ton of things that need to be coordinated before you go in order to make sure your home and your kids are taken care of. Let’s face it, as moms and wives, we are the queens of our castle. We make it all run. We make it all flow, day in and day out. There’s so much that we do every day that our husbands may not even be aware of.

I’m a little bit of a control freak and a huge planner, so it takes a lot of preparation for me to be able to walk away from the house for a week and know that everything is going to be ok. I have learned and accepted that while I’m away, it’s ok that things aren’t getting done exactly the way mom would do them. Dad does things his way and that’s totally fine. I no longer worry if the boys’ hair is combed, or if their clothes match, I have let that go. I have decided those kinds of things are not really worth stressing over.

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With all that said, I wanted to give you my top 5 tips for things to do before you leave town. When I complete these things before I leave, I know everything is ready. I know everything is in place and my boys will survive without me for a week.

  1. I do all the laundry. We’ve got baseball going on in our house, and both my boys have games and pictures and all kinds of things going on this week while I’m away. I wanted to make sure their uniforms were all clean and ready to go. On top of that, I just like to make sure all the laundry is done. This way, no matter what they choose to wear, at least I know it’s clean.
  2. I try to make meals easier. I have purchased some ready-to-heat meals from the grocery store that will be simple for dad to just pop in the oven. I’ve also make salsberry steak and sloppy joe mix so it’s at the ready for them. My husband will be working all day and then trying to get the boys dinner before getting them to their practices and games, and it can be tricky to prepare a meal in that short window between work and activities. It makes me feel better to know that they’re all eating well when I’m not home. I also make sure they have plenty of groceries in the house- fruits and vegetables, things for snacks and lunches, etc.
  3. I notify my sons’ teachers. I’m usually the go-to. I’m the one the school calls if there’s somebody gets sick, or if there’s an issue at school. While I’m away, it’s really important that they know my husband will be the contact, and I make sure to give them his cell phone number. We’ve also got some friends that are close by, so I let them know what’s going on just in case we need back up. It’s so important to have a network of moms that can help cover your back if need be.
  4. I coordinate care for the boys. I am normally here when they get home from school. My husband can’t be home every day when they get home from school, so I’ve enlisted the help of some neighborhood college girls who are home for the summer already. They will be here at our home waiting for the boys when they get home from school. I also make sure everyone has everyone’s contact information. Teachers, my husband, the babysitters, they all have each other’s phone numbers just in case.
  5. I take a deep breath. You know what? Being a mom and a wife is awesome. It comes with so much reward, but it also comes with a lot of work. When I’m about to go on a vacation and leave my role and my duties for a week, I’ve learned to just breathe. I trust that the system will run smoothly while I’m gone and if it doesn’t, they will figure it out along the way.

Yes, I’m a mom and I’m a wife, but I’m also a woman. I have things that are just about me. I don’t have to hold on so tightly to the role of mom and wife that I forget completely about the things that I love. Neither do you. I don’t believe in that. We have to fuel ourselves, or our tanks will run empty.

This vacation has allowed me to do that. I left knowing that my family was taken care of. Mom can take a break, and you can too. Maybe you have a trip coming up soon that you are looking forward to. I hope these tips will help you to leave with a peaceful mind and really enjoy yourself.

I believe that moms deserve a break. There are times when we just need to disappear for a week, or a few days and refuel. Sometimes we need to get grounded again before we step back into our roles as moms and wives.

I pray that when you take a trip, you are able to do it guilt free. Allow yourself to do something that you love, and know that your family will be taken care of and they’ll be just fine while you’re gone.

Y’all have a blessed day.