Hey, Fit Friends!

Today I wanted to do something a little bit different. I want to give you a little look into my crazy life. As a stay-at-home mom, who is also a business owner, life can get pretty crazy. There’s a lot of things that I have on my plate to take care of. I know I’m not alone in that. I know that there are MANY of you reading this who are working moms, stay-at-home moms, wives, and you have jobs and you have to-do lists and you have so many things that you have to take care of. I get it! We are all in the same boat. Sometimes it gets kind of hard to balance it all. So, today I’m going to share with you a little bit about what my day is like.

My day begins at 5am. I wake up, get my workout clothes on, go upstairs, and I do a 30 minute workout. After I get done with that workout, I sit down and I pray. I read a devotional, and have my quiet time before my kids wake up, before my husband wakes up, and it’s just a way for me to start my day on the right foot. At 6:25am, I wake my boys up. Get them dressed, get them downstairs for breakfast, and while they’re eating breakfast, I’m making their lunches for school. At the same time, I’m getting my Shakeology together that I drink every morning. There are definitely multiple things going on! Once breakfast is over, we make sure they have their hair brushed and their teeth brushed, and their shoes on- we still have to help tie a shoe here and there. They’re out the door at 6:58am because they ride the bus to school.

From 6:58 in the morning, until 3:20 in the afternoon, my kids are not here Monday through Friday. What do I do with all that time? Well, it depends a bit. Obviously, not every day is the same. If it’s a day when I have to go to the grocery store, I try to get that done right after the boys leave for school at 7am. That way I can get to the store when no one’s there. I LOVE when no one’s at the grocery store. Little known secret about me- I actually hate grocery shopping. The quicker I can get in and out, the better it is for me. And once I get those groceries put away at home, from that point forward, I’m really focused on my business. I am motivated and excited and really determined to grow my business. I will honestly spend from 8am until about 2:30pm working on my business. Now, does that mean that I’m sitting in front of a computer the entire time? No, it doesn’t. Sometimes I have phone calls with other coaches on my team. Sometimes I have calls with prospects who are interested in becoming a client or becoming a coach on my team. I film videos, I work on trainings, and I work on prospecting. That means I’m finding new people to reach out to build relationships with and help grow my business. At some point in there, I find time to eat lunch. Every once in a while, I’ll watch a little TV while I eat my lunch, but often I’ll do a working lunch, where I just keep plugging away at tasks. That works for me. I love having that set amount of time where I can truly focus on my business.

Like I said, there are plenty of days that are different, where I have to run errands, or take care of something for the boys at school, or maybe go have lunch with them at school. When the boys get home from school at 3:20, until they go to bed around 7:45, it’s family time. They in from school, we have a quick snack, and we sit down and do homework. I’m mostly making sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, I answer their questions and we just get it done. Then they go outside to play and sometimes I’ll go outside and sit with them while they get some outdoor time. Other times, they’re playing with their buddies and they don’t really want mom out there with them. Then I’m usually working on prepping dinner. On the days when I’ve planned ahead and put something in the crock pot, that’s a bonus- a little free time for mom! My husband gets home sometime between 5:30-6 and at that point, we all sit down and have a family dinner. We really work on doing family dinners most every night. Unless one of us is traveling, we make it happen. We all sit at the table together, enjoy our dinner, talk about our days, talk about what happened, we laugh, we share stories. It’s wonderful. When dinner’s over, it’s bath time. They boys head upstairs to take a shower or a bath while I clean up the kitchen and get the dishes put away. My husband monitors the shower/bath situation because they’re boys and they can get a little crazy sometimes. When baths are done, they come back down and we have a little dessert, maybe watch some TV, sometimes we have game night. My husband and I just love to play games with the kids. Once a week, we try to make game night a priority. We get silly and laugh with each other and just have some fun for 30 minutes.

When it’s bedtime, my husband and I walk them upstairs and we sit down and read them a devotional and then talk about the Bible story that we’ve just read. My husband and I alternate, so one night I’ll take Nathaniel to bed, and the next night, I’ll take Walker. We like to do that so everyone gets equal and undivided time. We tuck them in, we lay with them for a few minutes and we say prayers, and just talk a little more about their day. It’s funny, you know how kids will open up a lot when it’s bedtime. So it’s honestly a priceless time to find out what they’re really thinking about. From there, my husband and I come downstairs and we take care of any last-minute work stuff that needs to be dealt with. Otherwise, we sit down and enjoy a little time together. We enjoy watching TV, so we’ll watch a program together, or some nights we’ll just talk because we haven’t gotten to catch up. As we all know, life gets crazy. With kid’s activities, and kids in general, there’s all kinds of stuff going on all the time, so just to sit and enjoy each other’s company is such a gift. Then finally, it’s bedtime. We head to bed around 10, get back up at 5 and do it all over again.

I wanted to share all of this with you because I wanted to show you all that it is possible for me to fit it all in and hit my top priorities of the day if I can stay organized and give everything a time slot. I’ve really worked hard to make sure that family time is family time and business time is business time. This organization allows me to feel accomplished as a wife, as a mom, and as a business owner. It all works really well together. It’s a pretty great feeling when you finally find that balance. If you’re searching for balance in your life and you’re not quite sure how to do it- I know one of my biggest struggles was working from home- wondering “how do I do all this?” I’m here to tell you, you can totally do it. It’s just a matter of deciding and discovering what will work for you. And really, one of the most important parts of it all is communicating with your spouse about how to make the time to do the things that are the most important to you. Once you’ve got those priorities set and communicated, it really, truly all falls into place. It works kind of like a machine and everybody knows what to expect. You can finally make your goals achievable while still fulfilling your responsibilities and taking care of your top priorities.

So, that’s it. That’s what a day in the life looks like for me. I would LOVE to know what your daily routine looks like. How do you juggle everything that you’ve got to do each day? Leave a comment below or visit me on my social media channels and tell me all about it- Facebook here, Instagram here, Twitter here.  

Be encouraged. It’s not that we have to do it all, we don’t have to do it all. But, we can certainly get down to where we manage our time in a way that makes us efficient. That’s what makes it all do-able.

Y’all have a blessed day!