Today I want to share with you some of my favorite things. Why? Because when I find anything that makes my journey to living a healthy life easier, I am ALL ABOUT sharing it!

I’m going to start off by sharing some of my favorite food items with you. The first thing I want to share is a new, amazing salad dressing that I’ve found. I absolutely love it! It is called “Simply Dressed,” and it’s made my Marzetti. The lemon vinaigrette- oh my word! Life changing! All natural, amazing product. I eat this on my salads every single time I make one. I used to be a ranch dressing girl, then when I transitioned to healthier eating, I was a balsamic vinaigrette girl. I still love balsamic vinaigrette, but this product, by far, is my favorite. I get it at Kroger, in the produce section. They keep it cold, so it’s always by the packaged salads. There are tons of different flavors within this brand, it’s not just the lemon- there’s a tomato basil, there’s a balsamic vinaigrette, but again, the lemon is by far my favorite.

The next item on my favorites list is Maranatha coconut almond butter. I happened across this stuff and let me just tell you- it rocks! I use this in my Shakeology shakes every single day. I love the taste of it. I buy it in the organic section at the grocery store. It’s mixed in with all the regular almond butters, but it’s a coconut almond butter. It’s also a no-stir all natural almond butter, which I love. Divine! So, so, so tasty. This almond butter is great on apples and bananas and celery. It’s a wonderful, healthy alternative when you’re craving something sweet. It’ll hit the spot and keep you on track. I highly recommend you check it out!

Who loves coconut water? Y’all- I never knew I did! Honestly, I had never even tried it until last week. My girlfriend’s husband recommended I try it because it’s so good for you. And let me tell you- he was not kidding. It is amazing. It does have a very distinct taste, so you may not like it the first time around. There are lots of brands of coconut water out there, but the one that I’ve found that I love is called Vita Coco. It’s pure coconut water. Coconut water is SO good for you. It fuels your body naturally, it hydrates you naturally and it is a great addition to regular water. I also buy this at Kroger- it’s in the water section. Imagine that!

I also want to provide you with a couple of my favorite resources for healthy recipes. Yes, I use Pinterest. All. The. Time. It’s a great place to get ahold of a healthy recipe on the fly if I haven’t done as much planning as I’d like. However, if I’ve got time and I’m going to plan from cookbooks that I have in my house, my two go-to favorites are: Fixate by Autumn Calabrese and Skinnytaste by Gina Homolka. I like both of these cookbooks because the recipes are simple, they’re easy to follow. I love the Fixate cookbook because that’s the meal plan that I follow 90% of the time, and it correlates with my portion control containers. I’m visual, so I like cookbooks that have pictures of what the finished product is supposed to look like. Both of these books have lots of beautiful pictures. These days it’s so easy to search for recipes and find all kinds, but you can’t always be sure that they’re healthy. I am ALL about finding healthy ways to fuel my family. It’s so wonderful to be able to lay my head down at night and know that they got what they needed. Their bodies are happy and healthy. Fixate is a Beachbody Cookbook, and Skinnytaste is super easy to get your hands on- you can find it at Barnes and Noble or on

Let’s talk about workout clothes for a second. I work out at home, every single day. No one sees me except the video camera because I record my workouts, but I still like to look cute! I still like to like what I have on. I want my clothes to make me feel strong and fit and ready to sweat. So, here are a few products that I have honed in on that I really, really love. For starters, I don’t work out without a ballcap on. My hair has too many layers in it and a ballcap is great for keeping my hair out of my eyes. I have a very small head, so headbands just don’t work for me. They just slide right off my head! The Nike brand ballcaps are my favorite. I’ve found that these fit my head best because many other brands will stick up too high, or they’re just too big and I don’t look right in them. These fit me great, so I have them in several colors. You can get them online, or in most sporting goods stores.

My favorite shirts to workout in are made by Bella Tanks. The store that I usually buy them from is an online fitness store called The reason that I frequent this store is because all of the shirts on this website have some kind of scripture on them. Faith is a huge part of my life. I love to share the word of God with people and I love being able to wear something that not only shows my commitment to fitness, but my commitment to my faith as well. There are so many cute colors and sayings and scriptures, and the price point is awesome- most are between $18-22. The Bella Tank is flowy, very easy to work out in, very lightweight. I highly recommend them!

Now, let’s talk about pants. This is the company that’s co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. I love, love, love these pants! The material, the way they fit, they are simply amazing. They come in SO many fun colors and patterns. They stay put when you’re doing tough workouts and they are so, so comfortable. I also love that their price point is very reasonable. A pair of their pants runs between $30-45. This is a great resource, especially if you’re just getting started working out. They’ll even suggest outfits for you and lump them together for a discount. And- if you’re a VIP member, you’ll get free shipping. Super cool!

Last but not least, I’m going to talk about shoes. I LOVE Nike shoes. One of the reasons is because they come in so many fun colors and I am ALL about the colors! My favorite shoe right now is the Nike Pegasus. This shoe is so comfortable. I run in them, I also do cross training and interval training in them. They’re supportive, but lightweight and they absolutely fit my foot like a glove. You can buy them at Dick’s Sporting Goods, or Sports Authority or you can get them at if online shopping is easiest. They’re around $100- if you shop around, you might be able to get them for $90 or so. Love them!

That’s a short list of some of my favorite things. I may very well end up doing more of these because I’m ALWAYS finding new things and I love sharing my information with y’all. Comment below and let me know- what are some of your favorite things? I can’t wait to hear what you have found that makes your health and fitness journey more enjoyable and fun. I hope these tips have helped.

Y’all have a blessed day!

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