Hey, Sweet Friend!

Let’s talk about balance. Balancing life. Sometimes, it feels like we’re perfectly balanced and sometimes it feels like we’re not. I don’t know about you, but I struggle with balancing my work life and my home life, especially because I work from home. When I first started this journey of working from home, I found it very hard to separate the two, and to find a way to focus on work when it was work time and then focus on family when it was family time. Part of it was because I was at home. I wasn’t going to an office. It was right here in front of me all the time. I’ve been working from home for almost 3 years now and I have slowly started to figure out a way to balance it. Am I completely in balance everyday? No. Are there some days that I screw up and let the work life flow into family life? Absolutely. I do. However, I work really really hard to try not to let that happen.

Both of my boys are in school now, which helps a little bit. When they weren’t in school full time, of course that was a bigger challenge- trying to set work hours based on nap times. It can be done, but it’s a challenge. My reality now is that they leave for school at seven in the morning and they don’t get home until 3:15. That basically gives me 8 hours, which feels kind of crazy, because I haven’t had that much time until this year. My little guy is in kindergarten now and I also have a 2nd grader. The way that I attempt to create balance is, when they leave for school, I get to work. I work hard and get what I need to done. My commitment to my family is making sure that I covet our time together. So, when three o’clock rolls around and our boys walk through that front door, work’s off. I don’t answer work calls, I don’t check the computer, I just don’t let work carry into that time. At first, I really struggled with that. I thought, well, if someone messages me, they need me and I need to reply, I need to make myself available. But then I realized that actually that’s not true. If I were working in and office and I left the office for the day, people would have to leave a voicemail and wait until the next morning when I got back into the office. That’s the way it used to be back when I worked in an office, so why can’t I run my at-home business the same way? I totally can! I work really hard to make from three o’clock in the afternoon until 8 at night be just family time. Time with my boys, homework, a little playtime, fixing dinner and eating a family dinner every night together.

Now there are some nights where I do have a team call or I need to take care of a couple of work things. My husband and I have an understanding that if that does happen, I’ll take care of it as quickly as possible and then the rest of the evening is our time. Because of this new balance, it has really helped me feel less stressed. I don’t feel guilty anymore when it’s after three o’clock, the kids are home and I’m still on the phone or messaging someone back. That guilt is gone. I’m free from that now because I have set hours. It allows me to be present and available with my family in the afternoons and evenings, and then when they’re not home, I can focus 100% on my work. My other passion. Here’s the bottom line- my family is my TOP priority. I just think about all the things that I’m doing and gut check it and make sure that my actions are honoring my top priority. Now remember, I’m not perfect- I mess up sometimes. Some days there’s a commitment or a pressing matter that needs to be dealt with, but my husband gives me a lot of grace when that happens, which is not very often and my kids do too. None of us is perfect. We’re not going to always do it right or get it exactly like we planned, but we’re trying. Our intentions are there. My intentions are pure. I am so passionate about raising my children and being with my husband and loving this family, and they are the number one thing. I am also very passionate about my work and helping others improve their lives. I can be passionate about both at the same time, without letting one world seep into the other.

I urge to you really sit and reflect on what you need to balance in your life. What makes sense to you? What will help you find a happy medium and a balance? Once you’ve identified that, make a plan and stick to it. You’ll see yourself fall into a good routine of balance. You’ll feel very invigorated and alive when you’re focusing on your work, or your volunteer time. Then when it’s family time and you’re present and fully into it, you’re so blessed by that as well. Remember- we are all a work in progress. As you know, I believe progress matters. Every step we take is progress, and it matters. If you fail one day, just get back up and try to balance the next day. Be blessed, have a balanced life, enjoy what you love, and love the people that are closest to you.

Y’all have a blessed day!