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I just got done listening to a training that completely rocked my world. It really made me think a lot about leading a team, and having a vision for your life, and sharing that vision. How many of you have a vision for your life? How many of you have things that you want to happen in your life? I hope we all do. I think most of us have goals that we want to work toward. Maybe things in our life that we want to change. But here’s the question that really got me thinking: Do you share that vision? Do you tell other people what your goals are? Or, are you someone who remains quiet about your goals and vision for your life? Maybe you hold your vision inside because you think it sounds too far-fetched, or because you’re working so hard to help other people achieve their goals that you think there’s no real time for your own.

The speaker in the training I just got done listening to, she says not only is it important to have a vision for your life, it’s important to speak that vision. You have to share your vision. So, allow me to put this into context for you a little bit. As a coach, I have a team of coaches under me. One of my jobs as a mentor and coach, is to work with other people on what their goals are and what their vision is for their life and their business. We don’t just talk about business goals. We talk about faith goals, and family goals, and personal goals. I want them to be well-rounded and what they’re trying to achieve for their life. I work really hard to help them identify that and then to support that. I’m going to be real honest as the leader of the team sometimes I’m not real loose-lipped and sharing what my vision is, what my dreams are. I feel like I’m supporting them. I just kind of support them and keep my stuff to myself, but you know what? I’m wrong in that. Sharing my vision will only empower them.

It’s so easy for us to hold our vision in close to our heart. We often don’t want to tell others what our vision is because we’re worried it will sound silly to others, or because we’re worried we might fail. We ALL go through that. We all think those kinds of thoughts. But you know what? The power lies in vocalizing it. When we speak what we want to have happen, when we share where we’re going, when we let other people in, there is SO MUCH power in that. I was guilty of worrying what other people would think. Please hear me when I say this: WE CANNOT LET OTHER PEOPLE’S NEGATIVITY STOP US FROM SPEAKING OUR VISION. I have been a health and fitness coach for three years now and, I’ve got to tell you, I am nowhere near where I want to be. I have big goals in this business. One of my biggest goals is, I want to be able to retire my husband. That means, I’ve got to more than replace his income to be able to bring him home full time. When I say that out loud, it sounds crazy. But I believe it can happen. I believe it WILL happen. Others might judge me for thinking I can possibly do it, but I truly, absolutely believe I’ll make it happen.

Another of my visions for my life is to have my own business that is absolutely thriving. I want to help as many people in this world as I possibly can. I want to not only help people achieve their health and fitness goals, but also help them achieve financial freedom. I want to help people live up to their potential. I want my team to have their own thriving businesses. Y’all, that’s scary to say out loud. Even as I’m telling you, I’m worrying about what will happen if I fail. I won’t fail in the end. I might fail along the way. I might have setbacks. I might have to re-invent myself. I might have to re-vamp how I do things, but that is part of growth. We cannot let the opinions of others create self-doubt. Here’s the thing I’d like everyone to think about: If you choose to share your true passion with others and people scoff at it, so what? Why are we giving others power like that? We need to share our vision in order to empower others around us.

Fear can be such a brick wall on the road to our dreams. Fear has the power to totally rock your world to the point that you’re completely paralyzed where you stand. So what if you’re afraid! Face that fear! Knock it down! Show that fear that you can beat it. Show that fear that it’s not going to have power over you. You have got to stand up to fear in order to realize that your dreams and your potential are greater than the fear. God did not put us on this Earth to be held back by fear. He put us here to live out our purpose.

I believe whole-heartedly that I have massive potential to help other people. I feel like I have a gif to inspire, to motivate and to help others believe in themselves. If my journey and sharing my story along the way can give that to you, or anyone else watching, then that’s my purpose. If sharing my love for Jesus and showing others how I listen to Him to navigate this journey of life helps even one person, then that’s my purpose. I’m not afraid to do that. I’ll be vulnerable for you. Because my vision is bigger. My purpose is bigger than what so-and-so might have to say about it.

This lesson was so powerful for me because it made me realize that I’m not serving my team by keeping my vision silent. I need to lead by example. I need to share my vision with each of them so they understand that they are all a part of something bigger. I’m really good at pumping others up and helping them work toward their goals, but I’m not always good about sharing what I want for my life.

I’m fighting for my vision. I’m fighting for my future, and the future of my team. What is your vision? What are you willing to put in the hard work for?

Remember: Every step you take is progress and it matters.

Y’all have a blessed day!