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A couple of weeks ago, I was in Nashville for Beachbody coach summit. It was truly amazing on so many different levels. There was something someone said on the last day of Summit that really rocked me to my core, and I wanted to share it with all of you today.

“Do you, or you won’t get done… and the world will miss out.”

Just do you. If you don’t do you, no one else will. Nobody’s going to live your life. No one’s going to be able to be you. If we don’t have the courage to be ourselves, then the world will miss out. As much as I might like to think that I have it all together and think I’m super outgoing and never doubt myself, that’s just not true. There are definitely times I have doubt. There are definitely things that hold me back. Sometimes I fall into the comparison trap.

This quote really changed my perspective because in that moment I realized the truth of it. I’m the only one that can do me and you are the only one that can do you. Qute frankly, if we can embrace that and have the courage to be exactly who God made us to be, then we win. No matter what the outcome.

Nashville provided a little bit of a wakeup call for me. It made me really realize how damaging it is to worry constantly when things are hard. I’ve had a rough couple of months and now I’m able to see that it happened for a reason. We cannot expect everything to be easy. We are supposed to have struggle, and we are supposed to fail… no matter how painful it may be at times.

I’ve committed to doing more of me. I’m just going to be Christy. I want you all to see who I truly am. Take who you are and share it with the world! We all have something incredible to offer. We all have a special gift that is so needed in this world. If we hide behind in the shadows instead of stepping into the light and being our true selves, we are doing ourselves and the world a disservice. There is somebody you can touch every single day.

Sharing your true self and your struggle with the world is so important because it allows you to help others who might also be struggling. If you can help just one person in this world, or make just one person smile… isn’t that worth it?

Are you doing you, or are you busy trying to be someone else? If the answer is no, if you’re not genuinely doing you, then fix it. Fix it fast. Own it. Do you so that the world doesn’t miss out.

Y’all have a blessed day.