When God Calls, I do my best to answer!  This isn’t to say fear and doubt don’t come in to play but through Prayer, God has shown me that He has equipped me to stand tall in His vision.

All my life I have come alive when speaking to a room full of people!  It is amazing how the experiences from childhood, college, married, motherhood and business have brought specific stepping stones that have lead me to this point.  

Spending many years as a health & fitness coach has given me a “behind the scenes” look into the real life struggles women face.  Doubt, Fear, Guilt, Feelings of Unworthiness, Lack of Time, and so many more have been reasons that women have shared as to why they don’t take care of themselves.  And I can relate, because I have dealt with all of them myself.  At the beginning, my mission was to help women gain physical health and fitness.  But, oh my, it is SO much more than that now.

God has shown me that if our mindset isn’t healthy and we don’t deal with the “weeds” we are allowing to grow all around us, our physical goals won’t truly be met.  We must PULL the weeds, first!  

I am using my voice and this message God has given me to encourage, inspire and motivate women to “Push Play” on their Whole Life.  I look forward to the opportunities God provides to speak to others so they can hopefully hear a word that He has specifically for them.


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