Self sabotage. Are you guilty of it? It’s been a running theme in my life recently, so I wanted to talk to you all about it today. I also got to thinking about the many different types of self sabotage. Turns out there are A LOT.

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of taking risks
  • Worrying constantly
  • Inability to say no to people
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism

That’s just a few. There are so many more ways that we self sabotage. I’m guessing you’ve been guilty of at least one of those at some point in your life. I think the way to overcome self sabotage is to eliminate the self sabotaging process and create a new process. How do we do that?

Identify your self-sabotaging behavior. For this example, I’ll use working out. If you’ve started a workout program in the past and failed at it, you are probably hesitant to start a new one because you don’t want to risk failing again. Right? Your fear of failure is going to keep you from trying something new and different. That is a self sabotaging mindset that you’re carrying around. The key to changing this self sabotaging behavior is recreating your pattern. Instead of not trying because you’re afraid of failing, you could realize that your health and well being are worth another attempt at better health and fitness.

Identify a healthy replacement. If you weren’t successful with your first attempt at working out, maybe it was because 7 days a week wasn’t a realistic goal for you. Could you start with just 2 days a week? As you become comfortable with 2 days a week, you can add days and so on and so forth. Identify a healthy replacement for the behavior that didn’t work the first time around.

Practice the new behavior until it becomes a habit. This is all about follow through. You’ve identified the issue, you’ve come up with a plan for a new process, now you just have to make it happen. This is about getting up every day and pushing play. Once you get those 2 days down, add another one… then another one. Let it be something that’s as much a part of your day as eating. Practice makes perfect.

Call yourself out. Recognize your self-sabotaging patterns and take steps to change them. You are not meant to live in a place of self-sabotage. You need to break that pattern and live up to your worth and your destiny and you ability to be amazing every single day.

Y’all have a blessed day!