How did this Happen?

When did we begin to allow our worth to be wrapped up in how many people like our posts, follow us, or even publicly give us “shoutouts” when it is our birthday? I mean if it isn’t on Facebook or IG it can’t be matter, right?

I love social media for so many reasons but I also detest it for just as many! I fell in to the trap. For years, I focused on who followed, commented, liked and shared what I had to say. Putting myself as the priority! Wanting to be “known”! It was exhausting! All consuming! And frankly, unhealthy! But I couldn’t see that at the time. My goals were big and I was determined to reach them!

God had much different plans! I was so worried about “others” and myself that I was putting aside the ONLY one that truly matters!  And God finally said, “No more, Christy! I will get your attention one way or another!” And boy He has my attention now!

I have been a Christian since I was 7 years old. I love Jesus! But, let me be the first to say, it was WAY to easy to allow my mindset to be so focused on worldly things, that I misplaced HIS importance and my NEED for Him in my life! OUCH! It truly pains me to write this but it is the truth, and something tells me I am not alone!

Guess what? We are KNOWN. We are LOVED. We are ACCEPTED….By our Father in Heaven. And HE is the only one that really matters! Jesus is the purpose! Our purpose, and He should be the main point in ALL we do!

I no longer care how many likes I get! I no longer care if I have tons of followers! I no longer am focused on being known! My name isn’t the name the matters! Jesus’s is! And if one person is encouraged by what God puts on my heart to share then, Hallelujah! I’m successful in what God has called me to do. Allowing God’s light to shine through me so others can, hopefully and prayerfully, be led to Him….that is my point and my purpose!

If you are like me and can relate to what I am saying, stop and pray! Ask God to help you refocus and forget about the worldly things so you don’t miss the heavenly things He has just for you! He sees you! He Knows you! He LOVES you! 

Stay true to who HE created you to be!