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I didn’t want to do it today. I did not feel like it.

Why? Because I’m tired. Because I’m literally sore from head to toe. It almost hurts to breathe. I started a new program recently, Insanity Asylum, and yes- it is completely insane! I have never done this program before and it is pushing me WAY beyond my limits. It is seriously kicking my tail. Not that the other programs I’ve done haven’t pushed me, they have all been hard, but this one’s on a different level.

I am so sore. My body is over it. However, I always follow the program when I decide to commit to one. The program says I’m supposed to work out today. So many times when we’re sore, we think we need to take a day off of our program. I’m here to tell you- that’s not always the truth.

It is true that we need rest days sometimes, and your programs will let you know when that’s the case, but if that program calendar says work out, you work out! That is the ONLY way you will get better. That is how you get stronger. When you fight through that soreness, your body will change. Your muscles will strengthen, your core will get so much stronger.

You are stronger than you think. Your brain is going to tell you it’s time to give up way before your body will. That’s when your will kicks in. Your will is the only way to win that battle between your mind and your body. You have to hold onto your ‘why.’ It’s gonna get hard. Just like with your nutrition. Is it easier to grab a bag of chips than it is to cut up veggies and make a salad, yes probably. But that’s when you have to remember why you started this in the first place. Ask yourself- “Is this decision going to get me closer to my goal?” If the answer is ‘no,’ take a step back.

13450726_523735061157898_3135097004843262233_n copyEven when it’s a struggle, I want to encourage you to push play and cut up those veggies for your salad. I guarantee you, when it’s all said and done and you feel satisfied, it is always worth it. You have to fight the urge to quit. I am a sweaty mess right now. I’m hot, tired and yes, still sore… but I did it. I took a lot of breaks. I got into child’s pose and breathed through it when I wanted to quit. I had to give it up to God.

Remember something- modifying is completely fine. If you can’t do the move full-out, that is completely fine. Start somewhere. It’s always a better decision than quitting. Push yourself. Take breaks when you need to. Have a water bottle nearby. Hydrate yourself. Find a way to power through.

When you find a way to push through the hard, you will win every time. It’s worth it. You’re worth it. When it gets hard, it doesn’t mean you quit, it doesn’t mean you give up. And remember- the little people in your life are watching you every day. Every single thing you do, they’re watching. If you give up on yourself, they’re going to think it’s ok to give up on themselves. They have to know that life it going to get hard sometimes.

So go do it. You can do it. Remember, every step you take is progress and it matters.

Y’all have a blessed day.