July 6th the FUN begins!!!!

And this isn’t just any Challenge Group! I NEED YOU to hold me accountable! I’m dedicated to buckling down for 21 days and following this program and meal plan to a T! I am also going to be documenting my daily progress in hopes of getting chosen for the 21 Day Fix Extreme INFOMERCIAL!! How cool would that be? And even cooler than that, is that YOU have the chance to be chosen too if you want to join me in sharing and documenting your journey!

Here is how this group will work! I NEED and WANT people who will keep me on track. Who will push me, challenge me and hold me accountable every day! I’m human, imperfect and need to surround myself with support! Don’t worry, I will give the support right back to you!!! This group will be conducted on a Challenge Group APP NOT on Facebook!! Yes, we are trying something new!!! Super excited about this element!! 🙂

Who is the group for?

Anyone who already owns 21 Day Fix EXTREME and wants to take the reigns on achieving their goals!
Anyone who has done 21 Day Fix and is ready for the next challenge (I can hook you up with the 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack, which is one SALE this month!)
Anyone who has the 21 Day Fix and wants to commit to a new round (even though the infomercial is for Fix Extreme, if you don’t feel you are ready for Extreme, you can still join the “fun” and work towards you goals!)

What does a Challenge Pack Include?

• 7 workouts + one BONUS workout
• Custom Portion Control Meal Plan(s)
(Including my favorite Shakeology Recipes too!)
• First 30-days worth of Shakeology (flavor of your choice!)
• Free 30-day trial to a Club Membership (access to on-demand!)
• FREE Coaching.
• Private Facebook Online Accountability Group
• Eligibility to win prizes and up to $500-$100,000

Watch the video below for all the details of the challenge group and contest.

Are you ready?! Click HERE to fill out the challenge group form. I’ll get back to you within two days. I CAN’T WAIT!
Y’all have a blessed day!