I am a Texas girl who LOVES Jesus, is extremely blessed to be living life with my amazing husband and two “FULL of Life” boys and a woman who seeks God daily to make progress in this incredible life He has given me!

In 2010, I began to recognize that I wasn’t in the happiest or healthiest place in my life and hadn’t been for quite some time. From the outside looking in, I should have been on Cloud 9. The dreams I had prayed for, since I was a little girl, were my reality. I was married to a man God handpicked for me and we share a priceless love. I had become a Mom, which was a deeply rooted desire since I can remember. My sons are 2 of the biggest blessings in my world and there was no reason I shouldn’t have been bursting with happiness and gratefulness.  But on the inside I didn’t feel that way.  I felt like I had lost my identity of who I was outside of being a wife and mom. I became riddled with doubt, fear, excuses, guilt and, at times, unworthiness. And as I began to pray for God to help me out of this negative mindset, I realized it was time for me to take steps towards making progress in my life, not only for the sake of my family but in order to be able to answer the call of who God created me to be!

So, how did I do that?  For me, the first place to start was in my own health and fitness.  I had always been extremely active but when marriage and motherhood came in to play, that was the first thing I let go of; thinking there was no time to dedicate to my own health because I had to focus on the health of my family, FIRST!

I went on a roller coaster ride for a couple of years and I tried to navigate how to “fit” health and fitness into my routine.  I had success followed my failure…many times.  I felt a little bit like a yo-yo and it was frustrating beyond belief.  But God was with me throughout this crazy ride and He started to reveal something so profound to me.  He showed me I had to change my mindset, before I could make lasting progress in any area of my life. In order to be healthy, fit, happy, fearless, guilt & doubt-free while standing tall in my worth, I had to BELIEVE in my worth!  God has helped me navigate and find ways to become the best version of myself.  He opened up time, I didn’t think I had, for me to workout, meal plan, enjoy quiet time with him daily and begin to see real change.  And guess what happened next?  My doubts, guilt, fear and excuses started to disappear.

I became empowered by my new mindset that “I” mattered.  I saw the fruits of what taking care of myself did for my family. Instead of them feeling neglected, they THRIVED! This happened for 2 reasons:

1. I had more energy, a healthier state of mind and a new zest for life that allowed me to love them even better and more fully!

2. Becoming the best version of myself, gave me the ability to “push play” on my own life, so I can then support them in their lives.

Transformation happened from the inside out. I remembered that I am God’s child 1st and foremost and that in order to be my best for my family, I had to embrace self love.  And with this shift, I was also able to achieve my health & fitness goals.  I started to live out the power of mindset and what beliefs I carried around each and every day. I was not only 30 lbs lights on the scale but I felt like I lost 1000lbs of the negative weight I was carrying around.  I am still a work in progress, every single day. Which makes me smile because I know there is still so much more I can learn and love about myself and my life! 

So, why does all this matter to you? Because of this journey I have traveled, God has now said, Christy, it is time to share your journey and help other women do the same thing I have helped you do!” And my answer to him is, “Yes Sir!”  By sharing my story and supporting you, exactlly where you are in your life, is how I know I can do just what God is calling me to do.

In 2013, I began working with women to empower them to reach their health & fitness goals, as a coach.  This is support I still over to this day, however through this experience, I have an even deeper vision of love, support and encouragement that I offer.

My eyes have been opened to a VERY real & raw issue. It is one thing to desire to want to lose weight, fit in a smaller jean size or lower your blood pressure but it is entirely another to BELIEVE you can do it!  I have seen women start their journey and succeed, because they were in the “right” state of mind to receive that success. And then I have seen many start only to fail by quitting on themselves and their goals, because they simple weren’t ready for this step. They still had work to do in finding a healthy mindset which would allow them to succeed.


If you find yourself in this roller coaster of success and failure, you may have to go through the same process I did.  Before I can be a vessel to help you reach your physical goals, we have to sift through the weeds in your life & pull them, so lifelong Progress can occur.  Feelings of guilt, fear, doubt, unworthiness, etc. have to be identified, recognized and truly dealt with.  And once that happens…Success will occur…in many areas of your life!

And before you let the thought come in to your mind, “I just can’t do this!”….I promise you….YES YOU CAN!!!



Wherever you starting point is, you must remember that each step, no matter how little or big, is a step in the right direction. You are worth it!  You deserve to live a life making Progress EVERY day!  God put greatness inside of you and NOW is your tme to unleash it. Progress Matters, Sweet Friend and I am here to support, encourage and love you every step of the way!