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Today I’m going to talk about juggling summer.

Summer is here. When the kids are out of school, it seems to change the whole dynamic in our household. And I have promised myself that I’m going to be better organized this summer. I work from home all the time, but usually I have the hours of 7am-3pm to myself. That’s not the case for the next three months. My little people will be home with me all day.

Last summer I really struggled with this. I had a hard time establishing work hours, play hours, family time, etc. This year I have decided to take control. To start, I printed out a calendar of the next three months. Then I added the kids’ camp schedules, any vacations we’re going on, anything at all that’s happening this summer has gone on the calendar.

My plan is to hang this on the wall so everyone in our house can see it. I’m also going to add “mommy’s work hours” to the calendar. I’m going to establish times for work so everyone in the house knows that I’m unavailable sometimes. It may not be the same time every day. Y’all are going to think I’m crazy, but I still plan on getting up at 5am every morning and getting my workout done. I love kicking off my day that way. My kiddos are not super late sleepers, they might sleep until 7 or 7:30, but that gives me a 2 hour window where I can workout, have my devotional time, and maybe even get a little bit of work done before they even wake up.

Some weeks they have swim lessons, or vacation bible school… from there I’ll plan my work hours around those schedules. When there is nothing outside of home going on, I’ll still be setting work hours and letting them know. The great thing is, I can be flexible with my hours. My work time does not have to be the same every day, it can be totally manipulated to work with our family schedule. I want my kids to be able to see that we have a plan and we all need to stick to the schedule in order for it to work. I don’t know about you, but I’m a visual person. Having a calendar in front of me is such a huge help. I’m determined to run the schedule, rather than the schedule running me.

13346868_10209574317625684_3253373634150155046_n copyDoes this mean we’re going to be over-scheduled? No. We actually don’t even have that crazy of a summer. We only have a few camps and one trip. I want the boys to see what the plan is so they know that when I’ve scheduled in work hours for myself, they need to be entertaining themselves. I’m even going to schedule some “learning time” for the boys. Time where they’re focused on their reading or math, whatever it may be. I’ve honestly never been very good about this in the past, but I think scheduling it will really help.

Maybe this scheduling is a good idea for you. Maybe it’ll help you if everyone in your household can see what’s going on with everyone’s schedules all summer long. If you have ever let the summer schedule run you, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Give this a try and see if it helps! I’m really hopeful that it will establish some boundaries for my work time and let everyone in my household know what to expect. When everyone knows what to expect, there are no super huge surprises. Everyone knows what role they play and what’s expected of them.

This weekend, that’s my project. To sit down with this calendar and study camp schedules and sports schedules and write in my work hours accordingly. The best part is, once I’ve taken care of all of this, we can just focus on having fun! I’m looking forward to the summer. I like when it’s a little less crazy and a little less hectic and it’s just nice to take a break from the order of it all. I look so forward to just enjoying my children and enjoying the summer. At the same time, I know myself. I know that last year this was a disaster. I know I have to make a plan and we have to make a schedule.

I hope this is valuable and I hope this is helpful to you. You know I always say it- every step is progress and it matters! I’m trying to learn from my mistakes last year so this summer can be much more productive for me and just more fun!

Y’all have a blessed day!