Hey, Fit Friends!

Let’s talk a little bit about healthy habits. And actually today, I’m going to talk about one specific thing that I have started doing every day. I could sit here and write about, my regimen when I wake up, making sure I get my workout in, or healthy eating habits and different things like that.

But I don’t want to focus on any of those things today. Today I want to talk about one specific thing and why I do it every day. The daily healthy habit that I have adopted is simply this: Give yourself grace. Yes, grace. Everyday, all the time, I give myself grace. You see, I’m a perfectionist. I have a type-a personality, I want things done a certain way. If I fail, it’s not acceptable- I’m just wired that way. Honestly, what it comes down to is- I’m learning through prayer and self-reflection that it doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m not perfect and I accept that, so how can I expect things in my life to be perfect? So, I give myself grace. If I slip up on my meal plan, I breathe and I give myself some grace. If I miss a workout, I breathe, and I give myself some grace. If I don’t feel good about the way I handled a situation with my children, I breathe and give myself grace.

In all aspects of life, whether it’s your marriage, the way you parent, your workouts, your eating, or crossing items off your to-do list, we can only do so much in a day. And we can only do our best. Sometimes, it’s true that we don’t live up to our best. We react rather than respond when our child does something that frustrates us, or we get frustrated with something at work, we react instead of taking a deep breath and thinking about the best response. In situations like this, when I’m feeling frustrated, I just take a deep breath. I think about the situation and realize that yes, maybe I could have done better and I will do better next time, and then I move on.

We are our own worst enemy, right? Truly, no one out there is harder on us than we are on ourselves! It’s certainly true for me. I expect a LOT from myself. I set goals, and when I don’t achieve those goals, I beat myself up. I have been known to do that. But, why? The bottom line is- if we are trying, then we’re not stagnant in our lives. If we’re making an effort to take a step forward, even if it brings us two steps back, we’re still learning and growing. And so, I am all about giving yourself grace. I tell my clients and coaches on my team, and my family and my friends, to give themselves grace all the time. We have to be forgiving of ourselves. Just like we’re forgiving of others. We need to extend the same compassion and love to ourselves that we give to others. It’s just so interesting that we do not do that. We’ve got to love ourselves, we’ve got to take care of ourselves and we’ve got to realize that this life is a journey. Every day that we live, we get better, we learn something new, we grow. Some days are great, some days we just want to do over. But please remember to give yourself grace. Embrace who you are. Take little steps and watch progress happen. This little tactic can be applied in all areas of your life, so just love yourself through it.

So, there it is. My favorite healthy habit that I wanted to share with you. I know it’s a little bit different than what you might have been expecting given my background in health and fitness, but know that I am truly praying that you will be able to adopt this. The minute that you start giving yourself grace, everything just seems to be a little bit easier. We can let go of some of that pressure and stress.

This is my gift for you. I hope it allows you to see things a little differently in your life, and most of all, I hope it allows you to love yourself a little more.

Y’all have a blessed day!