What is your “GREAT” Project?  As you answer that question, pause to follow your evaluation up with this one:  Are you giving your absolute BEST to your great project?

I have had a lot of good projects in my life.  Things I have accomplished and completed!  Projects that felt good and served others.  Recently, I was reading my morning devotional in the She works HIS way app, and this very question came up.  What is your “Great” project that God has placed in your life?

Well, hands down I knew immediately what my answer was.  Raising my two boys!  They are my great project!  They are the most important project I will EVER have the privilege & honor of working on.  I mean, I am raising humans who I pray with every fiber of my soul will one day be amazing men.

Now, in order to give them my absolute best, there are some things I MUST do.  In my world, these aren’t negotiable.  They aren’t options!  They are how I know I can ensure that my boys will get the best mom possible on a daily basis.  Do I get it right every second of every day?  Unfortunately, No!  But when I stay on track with these 5 things, I come out ahead more times than not and I can see the fruit in my boys.

I want to share my 5 tips with you.  Now, your “great” project might be different than mine but these 5 things can be applied no matter what your great project is!  I am listing them below.  If you want a more detailed description or to dive deeper in to this conversation, in this week’s Progress Matters Podcast I expand on each of these tips.  You can listen to it by clicking here: https://progress-matters.com/podcast

5 Tips to ensure your BEST is what you give to your “Great” Project every day!

1.) Daily Quiet Time: Spend time with God every day.  Be in His word, pray, sit in silence, and LISTEN!  Allowing scripture, His wisdom and guidance to pour over you and be the living water you need to show up 110%!

2.) Sleep: Yes, I said sleep!  Getting adequate sleep in crucial to making sure you are rested and ready for what each new day brings.  We all know, when we are tired we are less patient, more agitated and not our best self.  We have to be intentional in this area to take care of ourselves so we can give our best to our “great” project!

3.) Healthy Nutritional Eating: Now, I will be the first to admit I LOVE all the junk!  But I also know that if I were to eat it day in and day out I wouldn’t be my best.  I would be sluggish, tired, short tempered; and that won’t serve anyone well.  So, I make sure I am eating protein, healthy fats, and veggies most of the time.  And yes, I throw in the occasional “treat” every now and then.

4.) Move that Body:  I am not saying you have to do “Insanity” to keep you body healthy and active but we do need to move!  Walking, running, riding a bike, going to a gym or working out at home are a few ideas but there are many more.  The bottom line is, when we move and physically work our body and muscles we are stronger and more alive.  We are most definitely healthier.  And when we are all of these things, we can absolutely show up daily.  My boys have always been SO BUSY!  And as they grow, that doesn’t change.  The activities just get bigger.  If I want to be able to participate in life WITH them, then I must make sure I am taking time 5-6 days a week to keep up with my own fitness.

5.) Forget Perfection:  Whatever your “great” project is, perfection should never be the goal.  We are human.  We will stumble, fail, disappoint, lose our patience and so many other things.  We must give ourselves grace every day.  Focus on making progress instead of being perfect!  I know, my kids are much better off when I am real and admit my mistakes while they also watch me continue to work to be my best!

Again, I ask you:  What is your “Great” Project that God has placed in your life for you to show up for every day.  And are you putting your “best” in to it?

I pray this encourages you and that you find these tips helpful as your strive to make progress!



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