Are you ready to put up a FIGHT?

How easy it is to get stuck in the same old routine and hit a plateau? Our bodies need variety in our workouts to keep our muscles guessing! That is when change will continue to occur and you will reach new heights in your health and fitness!

I am SUPER excited to announce Beachbody’s newest program, Core De Force!  Launching October 31st, this program will definitely help you FIGHT for your goals that you desire!

Core De Force is a 30 day total body transformation program that will rock your world.  The best part about the program is that the only equipment you need is YOU!  Core De Force is an MMA inspired program which includes 3 minute “rounds” where you will get boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai, knee-elbow combinations, bodyweight training and cardio spikes that will help you lose belly fat and shred your body.

If you can focus on hitting it hard for 3 minutes at a time before you know it the workout will be over.  I have had the opportunity to do Core De Force as a preview to the release date.  This workout gets your heart rate up, it gets you sweating and oh yes, soreness will be part of it, which means your body is CHANGING!  It focuses on your entire core and getting your midsection defined, which of course is an area we ALL want to improve upon, right?  I am going to be hosting a private test group for people who are ready to join me in this 30-day program.

If you want more details about this program and group, click here and I will contact you with more details!

PS…this would be an AMAZING program to do with your spouse or significant other!  So join together and let’s all put up our dukes and fight for our health.  The holidays are coming, so why not get ahead of the game and enter the holidays feeling and looking AMAZING!

Push Play on your Life…Today and EVERY Day!

Y’all have a blessed day!


Watch the video below to get pumped up for this incredible program!