I want to be real with you always. I want you all to know the real me… who I am all the time, not just who I am on social media. Life’s not always moonlight and roses. Life’s not always me staying on track with my nutrition plan and workouts. I honestly believe that a lot of the struggles and a lot of the things that God is revealing to me, is common stuff that all of us deal with. Therefore, I really want to be vulnerable enough to share it with you.

I’ve shared that in the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of revelations in my life. God has really gotten my attention on many levels. I’m building my own business and I was letting the goals associated with my business and the demands of my business take over. When I wasn’t reaching my goals, I was allowing that to become an identity of failure. The bottom line is, we all have goals. Sometimes we achieve them, sometimes we don’t. We may fail at achieving the goal, but that does not make us failures. That was the first big lesson that God taught me recently.

Just a couple days ago, I had another revelation and it was a hard one. It was a very hard pill to swallow, but it was something that was so very needed. I am so very thankful for the friend of mine who called me out. It’s so easy for us to get so consumed in our own little worlds. We are so busy with what’s going on in our circle, and then on top of that, we become laser focused on the things we’re trying to achieve. It becomes possible (easy even) to lose sight of what really, really matters.

One of the reasons that I became a health and fitness coach is because I truly love other people and I want everyone to live their best life. What I learned and realized yesterday is that I wasn’t living my best life. What do I mean by that? I mean that one of the things I value more than anything in my life is family and friends. Faith. Family. Friends. I have always placed high value on all of those things. Recently, I was failing at being there and being present. Specifically, I failed at being there for one of my friends recently.

We have been friends for so long and to know that I failed to be there for her when she needed me, broke my heart. I became so consumed by everything else that was going on in my world, that I just didn’t take the time to be there for her. It makes me sick to think that I made her feel that she wasn’t important enough or her struggles didn’t matter to me. I have been made to feel that way by others in the past, and I never wanted to make someone else feel that way. It was not intentional, but it happened and I profusely apologized.

I am determined to get back to the basics. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to live my life without goals, but if we’re not staying rooted in the things that really matter most, then all the other stuff doesn’t really matter. I was guilty of becoming so laser focused on where I wanted to go and what I wanted to achieve, that I lost sight of people that I love with all my heart. That is not acceptable to me. That’s not the person I want to be.

Yes, there is grace in everything and my friend extended so much grace to me. I absolutely didn’t answer the call of her need. But I thank God for this wake up call. I thank her for having enough love for me to express her feelings and have an honest conversation about it. I thank him for bringing that to my attention. This has really been a hard couple of weeks. Holy smokes! He has really revealed a lot to me about where I’m putting my value and priorities and how I see myself… the lies I was telling myself about my worth and my value. And then! How I was failing at showing my loved ones how much I value them. That’s the last thing I ever want to do!

I’m taking the time to share this with all of you today because it’s real. I think this can happen to any of us. We can get so wrapped up and feel overwhelmed by our lives that we forget what really matters. I work with people who are basically strangers all the time through my Beachbody business. I love it. But y’all! I was allowing that part of my life to overpower the relationships that I’ve had for 20 years! There is something seriously wrong with that. I heard it loud and clear, “Get back to what really matters and the rest will fall into place.”

I don’t ever want to be so focused on where I want to go that I forget to pay attention to the people who are traveling with me. Have any of you ever done this? Have you ever been in this situation before? Have you made someone feel unimportant because you were “too busy?” It’s a terrible feeling.

If you are feeling like you have nothing to give anyone else because you’re too busy, I’m urging you today to take a hard look at your life. Take a look at where you’re placing your priorities. The lesson I’ve learned in the last couple of weeks is that it’s really easy to mix up our priorities. The other big part to this, is that I truly believe that if we stay rooted in what matters most, all of the other stuff will take care of itself. Stop trying to control everything and lead with faith, not fear.

This life journey is all about making progress. It’s all about making mistakes and learning from them. Getting better, starting over and trying again. Don’t put your marriage, friendships or family on pause. Push play on your life. Live it to the fullest. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that God will set the stage and clear the path for where we’re destined to go.

Y’all have a blessed day!


Scripture of the Week:


Do you know the last time you received grace from someone? What about when you extended it to someone else? I just recently received grace in a HUGE way from a dear friend! I didn’t feel like I was worthy of it because I was the one in the wrong. I was the one who screwed up. But Grace still showed up in her through love, compassion and the value of our friendship! I was left in awe and so very thankful that Grace exists. We are all so HUMAN and full of fault and flaws day in and day out. But Grace is the shining silver lining as we all do life together
(Scripture Reference: 1 Peter 3:8)