Recommended Reading

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I have fallen in love with reading, or should I say, LISTENING!  Yes, I am an audiobook girl.  For me that is the way I can actually finish a book and apply it to my life.  Whether you are an audio girl or a hardcopy reader, these books have transformed my heart, my mind, my soul, my faith and have even helped me to run a more service based business.

Helpful Business Tools

Content Planner

If you constanly in need of creating content for your online business, you are fully aware of how important planning out the content of what you want to share with you audience can be.  I have searched high and low and The Content Planner is an amazing tool to help you plan out your content for all your platforms, month by month.  If you want a system that helps you be more productive and feel much better organized, The Content Planner is the answer you have been looking for!


Simplified Business Training


Building an online platform can be extremely overwhelming.  If you are anything like me, when I first started my head was spinning as I tried to define what I needed to do first, second and so on.  Platforward is a no nonsense training to help you begin with the basics.  It is broken down by category and the video based training is extremely beneficial as you learn.  And one of the best things is that Whitney Meade is there to answer any questions you may have along the way, so you are NOT alone!  To simplify your life, while you navigate unfamiliar territory, Platforward is your solution to getting started right!