I want to always be transparent and real with you, my sweet friend, so here goes! 🙂

My family just returned from a 10 day vacation in the mountains of North Carolina. My husband’s family has a farm that we try to visit every summer that we can. It is TRULY our escape from the rat race and the busyness of life!

And the best part is our phones have NO SERVICE on the mountain. Yes, you read that right…having NO service was the best part!

Unplugging….while not easy with this instant gratifying, technology driven world, is NOT always something we make time to do, right? I have been known to get very uneasy, when I can’t access my email, texts, Facebook, Instagram, etc! Can you relate?

It is a sad truth but a VERY real one! God has been working on me for a while in this department! And when I say working…he has brought me to my knees and shown my how I have allowed precious moments and blessings to slip by because I was DISTRACTED! He has been showing me that instead of living in FEAR that I will miss something if I am no connected, EVERY second, I am called to live my FAITH and TRUST HIM!

The past 10 days, I spent time with Jesus, my husband, my boys, extended family, in nature, resting and breathing in the blessings ALL around me! The blessings that come when we unplug are UNEXPLAINABLE! PRICELESS doesn’t even accurately describe it, FOR REAL!

I’m learning to keep technology at arms reach instead of ALWAYS at my fingertips. I am trusting God more and living in fear MUCH less. I am seeing the relationships around me strengthening, deepening and being placed on the priority list in the order they BELONG!!!

And it feels AMAZING!!!

If you struggle with unplugging and balancing your screen time with living your life…take your struggle to God. Lay it at His feet and he willREFORM your heart, mind, fear and help you live by faith, trusting Him and not the instant gratification we have become accustomed to! 🙂

Take time to, Sweet Friend and see how God blesses your life!