I have to share this with you.

I’ve been thinking about this all week long and I really wanted to talk to you about friendship. I want to talk about the blessing about unexpected friendships.

Just this past weekend I was able to have two coaches from my team join me at my home here in Texas. One of them is from Colorado and one is from New York. The coach from New York is named Melissa, and prior to last weekend, I hadn’t even met her before. Angela, the coach from Colorado and I have known each other for years, but we weren’t really close until we became business partners. The thing that just really blew my mind about their visit is that it felt like the three of us had known each other forever. There was no awkward “getting to know you” period like there can be with people you don’t know very well. It was just an instant bond between the three of us.

When I got into this business and I started coaching, I looked at it as just that… a business. It was an opportunity for me to improve my financial fitness, while helping others get healthy and fit. Beachbody has done that for me, and continues to do that. The unexpected side effect was the forming of these incredible friendships that God had in store for me. I’m amazed by the amount of people I’m meeting on a daily basis. People from all over the country! People that I would never have met, had I not made the decision to become a coach and pursue a social media based business. The potential for meeting new people with social media is just incredible. The connections we’re able to form, even when we’ve never met… it just seems incredible to me.


Social media has given me the ability to seek out and connect with people based on a commonality. Some of the people I interact with on a daily basis are challengers, or they follow my social media pages, or they belong to online groups that I’m a part of. I’m connected to some of them based on our faith, or our passion for healthy living, or because we’re boy moms. What I’ve truly realized is that, for me, friendships are the glue that make life so much fun. They keep us going every single day, and bless us beyond measure. Has that ever happened for you? Have you ever come across a friendship that changed your life unexpectedly?

We all live in our little bubble. We have friends that we’ve known forever, or there are some that we slowly get to know through school or work, people within your comfort zone. Because of this business, I’ve been able to cross paths with others I may have never met. We’ve decided to be vulnerable on this platform of social media and share our lives, and that has opened us up to this new experience of meeting others. God connects us with the individuals that are meant to touch our lives. He connects us with those we need and those who need us.

So today, just take a step back and think about all of the people in your life that you’re thankful for. Those that you’ve known forever, those who are new in your life, and those you’ve yet to meet. Think about that for a second! In EVERY one of those relationships, there is a blessing. There is a gif that God is giving you. I’m experiencing this firsthand, and it is so beautiful. It makes my heart smile. It makes me light up and it makes my gratitude cup overflow. I now know that the possibilities are endless in terms of the number of people I could meet, the friends that I can make, the lives I can make a difference in, and the people that I can inspire, love and motivate. Forming friendships is a way for us to love others and get love in return.

I hope that you’ve gotten something out of this discussion today. I hope it inspires you to stretch yourself and meet new people. Take some time today to sit and thank God for the true friends in your life. Take time to really breathe in the blessing that you’ve been given from those relationships. Then let that fuel you and feed your soul. Let it allow you to be thankful and have a grateful heart for those in your life and all those that are yet to be part of it.

Y’all have a blessed day!