Okay y’all, this week I want to tell you a story. This story begins in 2005. It’s about a  29 year old woman, who has only been married for about 6 months, she’s super happy, married to the love of her life, but somehow finds herself 20 pounds heavier just 6 months after getting married. She and her husband are living overseas, and traveling constantly. She felt so bad about herself, but she wasn’t really doing anything about it. She wasn’t working out, or eating right. Fast forward a few years she’s pregnant with her first son… never having lost that 20 pounds. The pregnancy goes well, she and her husband are blessed with a healthy baby boy, but she hangs on to a little extra weight after the baby is born, so now she’s at about 25 pounds overweight. Then, about eight months into her son’s life, she realizes that she’s hiding from the camera. She’s missing precious moments with her son, because she’s not happy with the way she looks or the way she feels about herself. It was time to take control.

She decided to join a boot camp class, joined Weight Watchers, and really get her act together. She lost about 15 pounds. Soon after that, she got pregnant with baby number two. She did much better the second time around. Didn’t gain as much weight, and she did a better job of taking the baby weight off after the baby came. She then decided to join a gym and start working out. However, she still wasn’t eating right. And she still wasn’t putting herself first. She felt like being a mom and a wife were the most important things and those things needed to come first. Whatever was left over would be for her.

Fast forward to 2013. Now it’s time to make a big change. She’d started to do better with her fitness, and got on the right track with her nutrition, but then she hits a plateau.  She’s lost about 15 pounds, but still had 15 to 20 more to go. She wants more. So, she makes the decision to start an online health and fitness business with Beachbody. This was not something she ever saw herself doing, but as a stay at home mom she had a need and a desire to be able to do more with her life. She longed for a way to fulfill her soul but still be a stay-at-home mom to her two boys. She didn’t think it was possible, but she wanted it. She decided ultimately to give it a try because she needed more in her own health, her own life, and her own fitness. She thought she had nothing to lose, so she’d might as well give it a shot.

Now in 2016, she is in the best shape of her life. She is happy, healthy, loves herself from the inside out, she has learned how to embrace her imperfections, and how to believe in herself. She truly believes that she can accomplish anything, whether it has to do with her health, nutrition, family, business, as a leader or a mentor, the sky’s the limit. All of this positive change has been created by taking care of herself first.


This story is about me. I am now 40 years old. I feel younger than I did at 29. I look better than I did at 29. I am no longer hiding from the camera. I embrace making memories with my children. I love being able to be active with them. I was just showing my boys a before and after photo, the same one you see below. This is me in 2005 at 29 and then at 2015 at 39. 10 years later and I easily look 10 years younger than I did when I was 29. But it’s not just about how I look that’s important. There’s a glow about me now. There’s a difference in confidence and self-esteem, a difference in the way I carry myself and my attitude and positivity. I truly believe I can accomplish anything. Not only am I healthier person, I’m a better wife and a better mom. I have tons of energy and I own my own business. Talk about a confidence booster. I get to stand next to men and women who not only want to improve their own lives, but the lives of others. There is something so powerful in this journey and this business that I never saw coming. I have changed so much. I am a different girl. There were fears that I’ve faced within this business. But I can tell you that no fear or doubt has been big enough to hold me back and I am so very thankful for that. I don’t want to be that 29-year-old girl anymore. I don’t ever want to go back to that because she wasn’t who she was meant to be. But I truly believe that she is becoming exactly who God intended her to be ever single day. I wake up and smile at her in the mirror. I look to her for strength and excitement and positivity.

My transformation has been huge on so many levels. I cannot wait to continue the journey and see what blessings these next steps bring. Anyone can do this. You don’t have to sit back and wait for the right time. Start today. Better yet, start now. You don’t have to feel guilty about taking time for yourself just because you are a mom or a dad, a husband or a wife. You are a person. You are a person who needs to take care of yourself so you may take care of others. You’ll never know what transformation may lie ahead until you take that first step.

Y’all have a blessed day.