The holidays are upon us. There, I said it. Can you believe it?! Thanksgiving is TWO weeks from this Thursday! Are you in the mindset of giving yourself a free pass on eating healthy and exercising since the holidays are coming? Are you waiting until January to get a handle on your diet? Anyone? It’s so easy to fall into that trap.

Y’all- here’s the thing. It’s not the next 60 days. It’s like 2 of the next 60 days. Yes, there will be holiday parties here and there, but Thanksgiving and Christmas should not be your excuse to eat whatever you want for the next 60 days and not work out! Here’s my challenge for you. What if you changed your mindset completely this holiday season? What would that do for you? What if you could end the year stronger and healthier than you started in January? You have the power to do that! You can survive the holidays still getting to eat your favorite foods and your favorite desserts… just not every day for the next 60 days. Eat one piece of pie, or one piece of bread. Have 2 cocktails instead of 3. There are so many ways for you to enjoy the holidays and still make progress toward your health and fitness goals.

I love chocolate fudge. At Christmas time, there had better be a tin of homemade chocolate fudge, or it just doesn’t seem like the holidays. Am I going to eat chocolate fudge at Christmas? Heck yes! And I’m going to enjoy it. What I’m not going to do is eat the whole tin of fudge. It’s so easy to excuse ourselves for the next 60 days and tell ourselves that it just doesn’t matter. It does matter! Here’s what’s going to happen- if you have given yourself permission to throw it all out the window for the next 60 days, you’re going to get to January 1st and feel like complete crap. I’m speaking from experience here. Why would you want to do that?! Let’s love ourselves a little more than that and take care of ourselves all year round, not just 10 months a year!

The holidays in themselves are stressful. Families are getting together, there’s shopping and cooking and Christmas cards to send. The to-do list just seems to go on and on, right? It’s so easy to believe there’s no time for you with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I’m here to tell you- and again, I’m speaking from experience- if you take time to take care of yourself first, you will rock everything else! You will have a clearer head if you take some time to sweat first thing in the morning. Whatever that means for you is ok! Take a walk or do a 30 minute workout- whatever works for you. You will be able to navigate the craziness of the holidays with a clearer head if you take that time for yourself in the morning. Get enough sleep. Take time for God. Eat well. Exercise. If you take care of you, your holidays will be so much more enjoyable.

So, let’s do things differently this holiday. Let’s take the to-do list one thing at a time and not even let overwhelm become part of the equation. In the end, we always get it all done. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Show up with your best self and be a light for others, rather than a downer because you’ve stressed yourself out to the max. Commit to yourself right now that you are going to be better on January 1st than you are in this moment. I guarantee it will make a huge difference for you mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

I pray that this message will help you. I pray that you take this to heart and you really apply it to your life. See what you’re capable of in the next 60 days. You are SO WORTHY of feeling the best you possibly can. You are worth pushing play on your life. You are not meant to live life on pause at any time of the year, especially during the holidays! Remember- every step you take is progress and it matters.

Y’all have a blessed day!