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Today I want to talk to you all about the struggles that moms face. I work with a ton of moms, that’s kind of in my wheelhouse, because I am a mom and we struggle a lot with different things. I’ve been thinking about this lately because one of the things that I’m super passionate about is bringing value to you, the people who follow me. I want to add value to your life to help make things easier. I want to give you new ideas and new concepts to try.

I found myself thinking lately that moms struggle with a lot. Maybe you struggle with getting your kids to eat healthy, maybe you struggle with finding time to pray, getting enough sleep, meal planning, finding time to work out, finding time to just do something for you without feeling guilty. It’s so easy as moms to really put ourselves on the back burner. I’m asking you this question because I really want to know!

I really want to know how or what it is that you struggle with and how it could be easier. For example, if you struggle with getting your kids to eat healthy, maybe I can help by suggesting ideas that I’ve tried with my kids. Maybe I can make family friendly recipes every week. Or maybe you’re struggling with meal planning, and maybe that’s something that I can help you with. I’m not telling you I’ve got it all figured out, because I don’t. Quite frankly, there’s a lot of weeks, and sometimes even months, where I don’t do a very good job meal planning. It’s a real struggle. Life can kind of take over and we can get so busy. I don’t know about you, but I think the worst feeling in the world is panicking about dinner at 4:30 p.m. I really am asking you for your help. I’m asking you to tell me- what are the things you struggle with? Why? What can I provide that would make those struggles less prevalent in your life?

I really want to know how I can bring more value to you. How I can help you how, how I can make it easier for you. Again, I don’t have it all figured out. I screw up all the time. I don’t always feel like I’ve got my act together, but I’m trying. And if I can share what I do and give you a guide to try this, or that, or make this easier or that easier, than I want to do that. I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re out on a limb by themselves.

As moms we gotta stick together. We’ve got to  embrace each other and help each other through this journey as we navigate all these unknown waters. I would love to know what you struggle is. Maybe you struggle with talking to your kids and giving them advice, or helping them learn how to pray. I really want to know.

Please click here to take a very short survey about the types of topics you’d like me to cover on this blog and on my social media channels. It’s anonymous, so you don’t have to provide your name, but it gives me an idea of the kind of struggles that we deal with as moms. I want you to come here because you get value. I want to help make your life better. To help you feel better, to help you feel more alive, help you be healthier, and help you have a sense of accomplishment as a mom, as a woman, as a wife. If this can help me do that, and help me provide more for you then that is exactly what I want.

I look forward to hearing your responses and your thoughts! I hope that through this process I can bring you more value and I can help you with some of the struggles that you face on a daily basis. I struggle a lot, too. But, we’re all a work in progress, right? I mean what better way to go through life than to help each other figure it out. It’s about community, it’s about engaging with each other, and helping each other live better. That’s what progress matters means to me. It means that we are all in this together, making steps forward one step at a time to better our life. We’re making progress in our life to be better moms, to be better women, better people. I can’t wait to hear. I can’t wait to learn, and I really can’t wait to add more value to your life and your world! Thanks so much for reading. You have an awesome day. Be blessed.

Remember every step you take is progress, and it matters.

Y’all have a blessed day!