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Fun fact about me: I am a HUGE fan of audio books. Personal development audio books to be more specific. Right now, I’m listening to a book called “The Energy Bus.” I had never heard of it, but it popped up recently and when I learned about the subject matter, I thought it sounded like a great read.

One of the things is talks about is something that really hit home with me and I wanted to share it with all of you today. We all, to some degree, have negative energy around us. We can be surrounded by negative people, negative circumstances, negative thoughts, and the list goes on.

The basic premise of “The Energy Bus” is that each of us is driving our own bus. You’re in control of whether the energy you put out into the world is positive or negative. If you have something incredible that you’re wanting to achieve in this life, you have to be filled with positivity. You have to think positively, you have to truly believe in yourself with every step you take, you have to surround yourself with positive people, and tell all the negative naysayers to get off your bus! Naysayers are not invited to take up a seat on your bus. I LOVE that analogy.

There are so many times when I think we try to carry the negative people along with us, in hopes that we might help them improve their lives. Here’s the deal: Sometimes, that just doesn’t work. There are times when we have to give ourselves permission to get rid of what’s holding us back. Times when we have to cut out the negative people, negative energy and negative attitudes. If you’ve got dreams and goals, the only way to get there is with positivity and optimism. There is no time to allow the negative to hold us back.

When we wake up in the morning, we have two choices. We can wake up with positive energy and optimism about ourselves and our lives, or we can wake up with negativity and a damaging attitude about ourselves and our lives. With each new day you have the opportunity to work toward your best self. If we fill our lives with positive thoughts, positive people, positive environments, it makes a WORLD of difference. The thing is, it has to begin from the inside. You have to decide that you are not going to live a negative mindset lifestyle. It’s that simple.

There are things happen. There will always be bad things that happen, even tragic things that happen, but even in the hardest of times, there is still a way to choose a positive path. I know sometimes that probably feels impossible, but it’s true. We have to DECIDE to be positive. To live positively. To continue to SMILE rather than frown. To try our hardest to see the silver lining in EVERY situation. We have to decide that we are not going to let negative energy run the show.

The negative energy cannot drive your bus. You cannot let it, because you’re too good for that. You’re worth way more than that! We deserve a positive, energetic, enthusiastic, uplifting life. It’s up to you to demand it.

Stiff-arm the negativity. It’s not welcome on your bus.

Y’all have a blessed day!