I was LITERALLY brought to Tears when I first compared these pictures!! WOW….what a difference 10 YEARS has made! I am completely BLOWN AWAY!!!  And this picture represents much more than just a physical transformation.

I am sharing this picture with you to give you hope and prove that you are capable of making progress in your life too!

I remember how I felt in the picture on the left! I did NOT want to have my photo taken, but we were in Salzburg, Austria and needed to record the memory. I was a few months away from turning 30! I was out of shape, self conscious, unhealthy and sad inside.

Now let’s talk about the picture on the right. Taken in the spring of 2015!  I turned 40 six months after this picture was taken. I was overjoyed to smile at the camera that day, and I am 10 years older! I am now healthy, happy from the inside out, 30 lbs lighter, full of confidence, self LOVE and purpose!

Same girl but TWO different people! I simply can’t believe these two pictures. They tell such a story! The transformation my life has been through really does leave me speechless! I have always loved life but I love it FULLER now, with more purpose, determination, empowerment.


It took me making a CHOICE! I had to decide I was going to take charge of my life, my health and my happiness. I had to learn new, healthier habits. I had to begin to deal with the mindsent that was holding me back.  Through prayer and self reflection, I started to identify my doubts, fears, guilt and excuses.  And then I had to DECIDE to commit to becoming the best version of myself from the inside out.


We ALL have the ability to choose, but it is NOT always an easy choice to make! Our comfort zones are easier to stay in.  We can hide from the areas in our life we don’t want to face and choose to live as victims.  Growth only happens when we find the courage to step outside of our comfort zones!  And our minds can be blown by what is possible when we do.


And now my purpose is BIGGER! I have an amazing husband to share my life with. I have my two sons to be an example to and help them grow up with a healthy body image; while understanding the value of healthy clean eating, moderation and balance.


On top of God and my family, I have tons of love for YOU!!  I desire to help you be your BEST!  To inspire, motivate and encourage you DAILY! So you can look back in 10 years and be AMAZED by YOUR pictures, progress and transformation, from the inside out!


As my story above represents, Progress DOES Matter.  Progress in life, your faith, your fitness journey, your career goals, your relationships – progress MATTERS, in EVERY aspect of your life.


No matter where you are starting from we must remember that each step, no matter how little or big, is a step in the right direction.  You are worth it!  You deserve to live a life making Progress EVERY day.  God put greatness inside of you and NOW is your time to unleash it.  Progress Matters, Sweet Friend and I am here to support, encourage and love you every step of the way!


The bottom line…the choice is YOURS!!! You must be ready, mentally to begin. When timing is right for you it is right for me! When you are ALL in, I am here for YOU!!  The process won’t work unless you are completely dedicated to your goals!  Taking that 1st step is ALWAYS the hardest, but once you start, your momentum will build. Remember, you ALWAYS have a Choice!  You are NOT a victim!


Every step you take is Progress, and it MATTERS!


I can’t wait to read about YOUR “Progress Matters” story!



Mindset Matters

Have you ever thought about how important your mindset is when it comes to making Progress in your life?