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God has placed a calling on my life to be a voice of love, encouragement, inspiration and support to you by sharing my experiences & testimony. To follow in obedience, I choose to be vulnerable and share my world with you, in hopes that you can begin making lifelong progress in your own life!

Do you find yourself moving forward in your life or are you feeling stuck and at a stand still?  You aren’t meant to live your life on “pause”. Together we will create changes, you desire, to help you “Push Play” on your Life because every step you take is Progress and it Matters!



Using my voice to encourage, inspire and motivate women to “Push Play” on their Life by allowing God’s message to flow through me is a calling I’m honored to answer.  If you are looking for a speaker for an upcoming event, click below for additional details.

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A God-Given Vision

Have you ever had A God-Given Vision?  I seem to be experiencing those a lot lately! When you have a vision that you know was given to you by God, there is always a crossroads where you have to make a choice! Do you decide to listen and do what you have to do to make...

They’ll be Days like this?

Do you ever have days where you just feel a little "upsided"!  Some days just don't feel like things are flowing.  Our Mojo isn't present and to say we are flat is an understatement.  BUT that doesn't mean you give up or through in the towel! I know there are...

Procrastination is the ENEMY holding YOU back!

So, are you guilty of procrastinating?  There are things you KNOW you need to do and are being called to do, but for some reason you can't get your act together to get Moving? Yes, ME TOO!!  I can totally relate and am terribly guilty!  God has been getting my...

The Power of PRAYER

Do you ever stop and think how powerful a Prayer, YOUR Prayer, can be?  In the midst of Hurricane Harvey and all the devastation, it has been laid on my heart to share that we can ALL make a difference.  None of us are helpless and PRAYER is the answer! Let's band...

Are you running the “Rat Race” or YOUR Race?

Let's get real!!  How many of you find yourself running the "rat race" and losing focus on running your OWN race? I have been guilty of this COUNTLESS times!  But God has been working OVERTIME on me, over the past 3 months and I wanted to share a little about what I...