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God has placed a calling on my life to be a voice of love, encouragement, inspiration and support to you by sharing my experiences & testimony. To follow in obedience, I choose to be vulnerable and share my world with you, in hopes that you can begin making lifelong progress in your own life!

Do you find yourself moving forward in your life or are you feeling stuck and at a stand still?  You aren’t meant to live your life on “pause”. Together we will create changes, you desire, to help you “Push Play” on your Life because every step you take is Progress and it Matters!



Using my voice to encourage, inspire and motivate women to “Push Play” on their Life by allowing God’s message to flow through me is a calling I’m honored to answer.  If you are looking for a speaker for an upcoming event, click below for additional details.

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“Safe Zone”

To my fellow Moms, How many of you struggle with yelling at your children?  You know, those times when your patience is tested, your frustration level is high and your nerves are shot!  I, unfortunately, have reached this point many more times than I want to admit to...

Life is TOO Short!

Life is TOO short! It's too short to live less than our best!  Too short to settle and believing things can't get better! 6 weeks ago (before UltraCell (CBD): I was still dealing with hip pain that I had been a part of my daily life for 2.5 years! I would hit a wall...

Why are we SO Afraid?

Why are we so afraid? So recently I had a huge revelation!  One that literally made me laugh out loud and ask myself WHY? The revelation was this:  If I am NOT selling a product I can talk about it, promote it and share it without the slightest bit of hesitation. ...

How did this Happen?

How did this Happen? When did we begin to allow our worth to be wrapped up in how many people like our posts, follow us, or even publicly give us “shoutouts” when it is our birthday? I mean if it isn’t on Facebook or IG it can’t be matter, right? I love social media...

What would Jesus Do?

Raising children is the HARDEST job I have ever experienced.  I can remember as a young girl dreaming about being a Mom and how blissful it would be!  Ignorance truly is BLISS!  What I didn't know, while I was dreaming, is how much work, prayer, and guidance I would...